Inclusive Growth

Handsome complies with fair trade and inclusive growth principles to pursue a win-win corporation with our suppliers.

  • Fair
  • Abide the 4 subcontracting
  • Inclusive
  • Support programs for
    our suppliers
  • Win-Win

Inclusive Growth Organization

4 Guidelines

Handsome institutes the 4 guidelines recommended by the Korea Fair Trade Commission for a win-win growth between small and large businesses.

  • 1 Practice advisable contract process for an inclusive cooperation between small and large businesses.

  • 2 Operate internal Deliberation Committee for supply chain transactions.

  • 3 Practice fair selection and registration of suppliers.

  • 4 Practice advisable method for issuance and conservation of documents.

Support Programs

Handsome offers support programs for our suppliers as a win-win growth strategy.

  • Win-Win Fund
    As an inclusive growth strategy, we have co-created funds with partnered banks to aid our suppliers with interest rates when taking loans from the partnered bank.
  • Interest-Free Loan
    We support our supplier’s productivity by funding interest-free loans when investing in equipment and facilities.
  • Win-Win Platform
    We offer easy access for small businesses to check our support programs including educational classes and consulting.