Environmental Handsome creates a sustainable future
through eco-friendly green management.

Our hopeful future, Your beautiful life

Based on the missions, “Our Hopeful Future, Your Beautiful Life”
Handsome values the environment as the top priority to provide eco-friendly value to all members of society,
including employees, and to create a hopeful environment for future generations.
Handsome strives to transform the eco-friendly business process throughout the value chain process and practices
eco-friendly management for the sustainable future by establishing our own long-term goals in conjunction with the
group’s ESG strategy to reduce(DOWN) environmental harm in the business process and produce(UP) benefits.

  • Environmental Activities

    Ecosystem Protection, Reduction of
    disposable products

  • Eco-Friendly Campaigns

    Reducing energy use, reducing
    disposable product use

  • Providing eco-friendly
    product & services

    Product development using eco-friendly
    materials, using eco-friendly packages

We create a circular economy by building eco-friendly supply chains,
developing products and services for the environment, and recycling wastes.

Handsome strives to realize environmental management through the establishment of eco-friendly supply chains
across all areas of the value chain, from product planning and material selection to production and sales. We are
expanding the use of eco-friendly materials, developing various eco-friendly products, and utilizing eco-friendly
packaging materials. Also, we introduced the industry eco-friendly inventory processing method to minimize carbon
emissions for the first time.

  • Purchase

  • Production

  • Distribution

  • Disposal

  • Purchase

    Using of eco-friendly
    materials, reducing the
    proportion of chemical
    fiber purchases

  • Production

    Planning eco-friendly
    products, introducing
    digital samples, and
    management used by

  • Distribution

    Establishing renewable
    energy system for
    logistics and utilizing
    eco-friendly packaging

  • Disposal

    Upcycling clothing
    inventory for eco-friendly
    disposal (replacement of
    energy sources,
    separation of synthetic
    fibers, recycling)

We establish an eco-friendly CYCLE that contributes to customers, partners, and
local communities, and establish a corporate culture by internalizing the
eco-friendly mindset to all employees.

Use recycled certified polybags

Handsome uses an eco-friendly polybag certified by RCS (Recycled Claim Standard), an international certification system that can only be obtained by products that practice a sustainable circular economy. We build a resource circulation cycle that uses waste polybags to make recycled materials and produce eco-friendly polybags.

Support for Biodiversity Conservation Activities

All employees are actively participating in activities to promote the
importance of biodiversity preservation activities and protect a healthy
ecosystem through various campaigns linked to the Endangered Species
Restoration Center of the National Institute of Ecology.

Supply Chain Support

Handsome supports various ESG management support activities such as
distributing ESG checklists and conducting online training so that
partners can easily access ESG to build a sustainable eco-friendly supply
chain. In particular, we provided a total of 350 million won, including 100
million won in free grant, for the purpose of installing wastewater
purification facilities for denim washing partners.

Employee Environmental Education

Handsome holds regular environment education for all
executives and employees.
Our employees have easy access to various environmental
issues and activities through a professional education with
environmental experts as guest speakers, and internal newsroom.