Social Handsome takes “the company adding hope to future life” as moto,
and strives for satisfaction of customers, trusted partnership, and sharing together.

Handsome operates a customer-centered business based on its vision of
being the most trusted company by customers and puts priority on
providing stable services for customers and protecting their personal

Policy and Strategy

We have our own VOC handling process to respond quickly to customer complaints.

Information Security

Handsome has established and implemented an information protection management plan to protect customers’ information and to
minimize security risks that may arise due to changes in information protection regulations.

Information Security
Management System (ISMS)

Handsome acquired ISMS, a certification for personal
information and information security management system


Information Security Training

For employees to fulfill the number information protection training hours in
accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Handsome designates
information protection training as mandatory training and conducts online
training through Smart Campus every year(The number of employees completed in 2023 : 1,682)