ESG Management Handsome is conducting sustainable development through eco-friendliness,
socially responsible management, and the improvement of its corporate governance.

2023 ESG Evaluation

Evaluated by Korea Corporate Governance Service

  • Total
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

ISO 14001 · ISO 45001 Certified

Handsome is ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified,
following global standards in environment and safety

Listed as Outstanding for UN SDGBI

Handsome has been assigned Outstanding status for the
UN Sustainable Development Goals Business Index (UN SDGBI).
Since 2016, the Association for Supporting
the SDGs for the UN has been announcing the SDGBI, and
the SDGBI has been an internationally recognized
tool of sustainable business engagement and ESG evaluation index.

UN Eco-Friendly Certification

Handsome was certified ‘AAA’ Grade by the UN Asian Pacific
Economic Social Commission for GRP (Guideline for Reducing
Plastic Waste & Sustainable Ocean and Climate Action Acceleration).
We put our best efforts towards protecting the environment by
changing all materials of shopping bags to eco-friendly materials
and expanding usage of natural and eco-friendly
materials for our products