Social Handsome takes “the company adding hope to future life” as moto,
and strives for satisfaction of customers, trusted partnership, and sharing together.

Handsome regards ‘Human rights’ & ‘Ethics’ as the
very first priority in all of its business operations.

Our corporate philosophy is to become a company that is loved and trusted by all stakeholders, be it the customer,
stockholder, partner businesses, employees, country, or our society, by fulfilling the responsibilities and duties we have
as a member of that society and continuing to amplify the values of our company.

Human Rights Management

  • Support for the Female Workforce

    We provide 30 minutes of short work
    for employees with children and operates
    daycare center ‘Handsome Children.’
    We reduced working time for pregnant
    women expanded to the entire pregnancy period

  • Work-life Balance

    We run a Family Day to leave work early
    so that our employees can spend time
    on self-development and with family.

  • Prevention and Response to Workplace Harassment

    The organization implements a workplace
    harassment prevention and response
    management system based on the principle of integrity, and periodically
    investigates whether cases of harassment in the workplace are occurring.

Ethnics Management

Performance based management
Healthy and transparent management

Business Efficiency

Respectful management of employees

Make a flexible and creative
corporate environment Fulfill
responsibilities for mutual development

Corporate Social Responsibility

Comply with social orders and law
Fulfill social responsibilities

Customer Satisfaction Management

Protect customer rights
Implement customer-first culture


Implement transparent supply chain
Pursue practical mutual growth

Ethical management activities

  • Establish regulations and systems

    Ethical norms (Ethical Charter, Code of
    Ethics, Ethics Practice Guidelines)

    Run a reporting/whistleblower channel
    (Ethics Reporting Center)

  • Training

    Pledges of ethical conduct from all

    Training on the practices of ethical

  • Ethical practice team and monitoring

    A department is dedicated to ethical
    management (Bureau of Ethical Practice)

    Compliance inspections and internal
    inspections (Internal Transactions Committee

Consultation and Reporting Channel

In order to create a culture of responsible ethical management practices,
Handsome has implemented an Ethics Reporting Center, and operates an
Informer Protection Program so that employees seeking consultations as
well as the informers can participate with peace of mind.

Ethics Reporting Center

※ Reporting Hot-line(Status of ethical reports : 2 cases in 2023)


Human Rights Management Policy DOWNLOAD
Ethical Charter DOWNLOAD
Code of Ethics DOWNLOAD
Ethical Practice Guidelines DOWNLOAD