ESG Management Handsome is conducting sustainable development through eco-friendliness,
socially responsible management, and the improvement of its corporate governance.


Handsome aims to build a virtuous cycle,
where it provides “hope” to the future generation and in return grows as a company by receiving their “trust ”.

Grow based on customer trust

Re-investing in the creation of social values

Social contribution, management
that complies with
environmental laws, etc.

Strengthen the trust with the customers and consumers
by creating the social value

The Pursuit of Profit,
Sustainable Growth, etc.

Sustainable Growth based on the trust of
the customers and consumers, and
reinvestment in creating social value


By 2050, we will faithfully implement the roadmap through achieving our goal:
“Carbon Neutrality and Industry-leading ESG leadership”


Handsome life Creator


Our hopeful future, Your beautiful life

Environmental Management Create an environment filled with hope for the future generation Shift to Eco-friendly business process of entire value chain
Social Contribution A company that brings hope for future life Internalization of human right/safety management, contribution to local community, and culture of mutual cooperation
Corporate Governance Establish transparent and trustworthy corporate governance Improvement of trust through shareholder-friendly policies and transparency
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