Social Handsome takes “the company adding hope to future life” as moto,
and strives for satisfaction of costumers, trusted partnership, and sharing together.

Handsome creates a better world by sharing love

Social Contribution Activities

  • Children's Welfare

    Support medical treatment of cancer
    in low-income children

    Support education

    Support local children's center and offer meals for children

    Support talent development for low-income children

    Support children of sacrificed and injured
    police officers

  • Local/Public Community Support

    Donation to community service center

    Relief funds, afforestation business with
    Korea Forest Service

    Support end-of-care children's self-reliance

    Train and support artists with disabilities

  • Women's Welfare

    Support independence of teenage single mothers

    Provide sanitary products for low-income

    Support independence of women in
    underdeveloped countries

Children's Welfare

  • Supporting Childhood Cancer and Leukemia Patients

    Handsome supports low-income children diagnosed
    with childhood cancer and rare blood disease, in
    partnership with Korea Association for Children with
    Leukemia and Cancer, and Korea Cancer Rehabilitation

    As well as medical expenses, we provide customized
    wigs, cleaning kit, bedding and meal kits
    to relieve financial burden of patients’ families.
    Also, we support home-visit teachers, books and
    educational materials so that children can continue
    their education during treatment.

  • ChildFund KOREA

    Handsome provides financial support for local childcare
    centers and take part in various welfare projects for children
    in need. We support monthly rent and water purifiers for 11
    local childcare institutions in Seoul for better childcare
    environment and welfare programs. Our brand “Lätt” has
    collaborated with ChildFund KOREA, in which we launched
    a capsule collection that incorporates children’s drawings
    and donated all revenue for the education of children in need.

  • Employee Volunteer

    Handsome’s volunteer group “Handsome’s Heart-Warming
    Moments” provides art classes for children in need.
    We visit Narae Local Children’s Center in Gangdong-gu to
    teach different art classes each month - such as creating
    a topiary plant, baking cupcakes and drawing contests. It is
    a special and meaningful time for children to grow their
    imagination and creativity. Also, our employees are
    encouraged to take part in “Sharing Love” program to donate.
    Beginning 2008 to build a healthy donation culture and expand
    the Group’s social contributions, we provide matching grant for
    our employee donations each quarter.

Community/public interest support projects

  • Discover and support the underprivilege d in the region

    We are discovering and supporting the underprivileged
    through community activities. It regularly collects residents'
    opinions in connection with local community centers, and
    shares warmth by delivering side dishes to elderly people
    living alone and vulnerable middle-aged households every
    week and delivering gifts on holidays.

  • Support Growth of Artists with Developmental Disabilities

    Handsome supports the growth of artists with developmental
    disabilities and aid in raising their independence as professional artists

  • Disability Employment

    Handsome provides disability employment for Guri-si Worker’s
    Compensation & Welfare Center for Disabilities to help their
    social engagement and financial independence.

Aid Young Women in Low-Income Families

  • ‘LATT HEART’ campaign

    We have also designed ‘LATT HEART’ items to run a donation campaign for these women. We have donated all sales generated from these items to women in need.

  • Provide sanitary products

    We have also designed ‘LATT HEART’ items to run a donation
    campaign for these women. We have donated all sales
    generated from these items to women in need.

  • Support independence of women in underdeveloped countries

    Handsome made a collaboration product with a fair trade
    company for the first time in the industry and donated part of
    the sales. We practice ethical production and fair trade through
    Conscience fashion and support economic independence by
    providing jobs and profits to Kenyan women.

Policy and Strategy

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