Voting Rights at the 34rd Annual General Meeting

Number of Shares with
Voting Rights
Number of Shares Attended at Shareholders’ Meeting Attendance Rate excluding Major Shareholders (%)
Major Shareholders Minority Shareholders
21,969,594 8,532,763 8,742,302 39.79

Results of the 34rd Annual General Meeting

Held March 23, 2021

No. Agenda Decision Approval Rate(%) Remark
No. 1 Approval of Audited Financial Statements and Annual Dividends (FY2021) Approved 93.74 600 KRW per Share
No. 2 Election of Directors Approved    
No. 2-1 Election of Executive Director Ho-Jin Jang Approved 84.95  
No. 2-2 Election of Executive Director Myung-Shik Na Approved 86.5  
No. 2-3 Election of Executive Director Cheol-Gyu Park Approved 86.67  
No. 2-4 Election of Independent Director Sang-Kyoung Jeon Approved 85.86  
No. 2-5 Election of Independent Director Chil-Goo Kim Approved 99.85  
No. 3 Election of Members of the Audit Committee Approved    
No. 3-1 Election of the Member of the Audit Committee Sang-Kyoung Jeon Approved 89.14  
No. 3-2 Election of the Member of the Audit Committee Chil-Goo Kim Approved 99.6  
No. 4 Election of Hyeon-Min Choi as Independent Director for the Audit Committee Member Approved 73.28  
No. 5 Approval of Director Remuneration Limit Approved 81.65