Establish an eco-friendly energy system

Handsome has installed solar power panels on Icheon
Distribution Center to lead an eco-friendly energy system

Facility Volume
Power Supply Volume
3,634KW / Monthly Average
Power Plant Operation
Daytime / Daily
Annual Average Power Generation
Average annual CO2 reduction
21T (1T reduction of CO2 has same effect as planting 100 trees)

Use eco-friendly materials

Handsome continuously releases products using eco-friendly materials.
We plan to increase the usage of these materials to lead environmental
management in the industry.

Utilization Examples
1. Cashmere using non-chemical natural dyes
2. Polyester derived from 100% recycled plastic
3. Biodegradable CUPRA material
4. Organic cotton

Employee Environmental Education

Handsome holds regular environment education for all executives and employees.
Our employees have easy access to various environmental issues and activities through a
professional education with environmental experts as guest speakers, and internal newsroom.

UN Eco-Friendly Certification

Handsome was certified ‘AA’ Grade by the UN Asian Pacific Economic Social Commission
for GRP (Guideline for Reducing Plastic Waste & Sustainable Ocean and Climate Action Acceleration).
We put our best efforts towards protecting the environment by changing all materials of
shopping bags to eco-friendly materials and expanding usage of natural and eco-friendly
materials for our products

Eco-friendly Inventory Disposal

Handsome has introduced first time in the industry to dispose excess inventory in a
eco-friendly way to minimize carbon footprint.
We take part in social responsibility in preserving the environment by upcycling
inventory into green fiber panels.

Donation for Environmental
Foundationand Supporting
Environment Awareness Improvement

Handsome donated 10% of revenue from “With Earth, With Us” campaign
to Environmental Foundation.

Through this campaign, we supported operation of Children’s
Environmental Center to improve children’s awareness of preserving the

Eco-friendly Packaging

Handsome uses recyclable foldable box and paper tape in stores.
We consider every step of the product lifecycle until reaching our customers in
eco-friendly ways to preserve the environment.